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11th Bulgarian Campaign March 2024

ASNI went to Sliven in Bulgaria in March 2024 to carry out the eleventh campaign there. 221 animals will not reproduce due to this spayathon event!

The team worked over a four day period on both cats and dogs spaying and neutering via keyhole surgical procedures using the hook spay method. Which provides a minimally invasive way to spay a female causing less stress on the animal with faster recovery rates.

 Other techniques used (demonstrated below in the video by Dr Ruth Osborne) with the cats was a more humane and less stressful way of giving the pre-medication. Instead of taking the cat out of the carrier by force the cat is injected in the carrier with minimal handling in the process.

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ASNI in Bulgaria 2023

ASNI went to Sliven in Bulgaria to carry out a spay and neuter campaign  on dogs and cats.The team included vets and vet techs as well as volunteers from Bulgaria, the USA and the UK. Animals were brought in by the general public and volunteers. Over a period of three days 224 animals were sterilized, saving millions of potential births! As well as spaying and neutering a dog was brought in to be neutered that wasnt able to eat. It was found that his tongue hadnt formed properly at birth. A resection on the tongue was carried out by Dr Sasha (images below)

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