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The Center of Hope Hospital

The Center of Hope Hospital was built in 2016 entirely from donations. Each brick was funded at £20 per brick so it was literally constructed Brick by Brick! The hospital is a first in the area of Bucharest, based in Piteasca in Ilfov County. It provides free spay and neutering for those that cannot afford to sterilize their animals.Together with a subsidized scheme for general animal treatment for those in financial hardship.A state of the Art hospital for animals this includes facilities for xrays, ultrasound scans and a new C.T scan arriving in July. In October 2022 a new wing was added to facilitate the carrying out of mass spay campaigns (The Patricia Zoline Animal Care Wing) with an aim to sterilize 1000 animals a month where funding allows.

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The Center of Hope Tour

Dr Aurelian Stefan gives a tour of the Center of Hope Hospital prior to the new wing being completed.

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