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Why do we spay and neuter?


Stray dogs and cats are a major issue on the streets of Romania. Firstly, they are at risk of disease and illness,and secondly they are prone to being hit by cars causing broken bones and accidents. Their survival depends on sources of food so they gravitate to where it is available such as restaurants and shops feeding on scraps left by the general public. Unfortunately they are not welcome by some, so trust in humans isnt always guaranteed.But other compassionate individuals will feed them and frequently it is the compassion of local people who bring them into the Center of Hope when ill or involved in an accident. It is not an easy life and survival is tough on the streets. Furthermore at any point in time they can be rounded up and taken to a public shelter, survival there is even more difficult as diseases such as parvovirus and distemper are prolific.Fights frequently break out over food, hormones are raging in males and females can be injured in copulation.      This is the frequent outcome of puppies being discarded on the streets by owners that cannot afford to care for them. For those that do find their way into a rescue by dog lovers many are so overwhelmed that they are often considered "hoarders". Most just care about animals and cannot bare to see them suffer on the streets and fields.  


A sad example of what can happen to a dog in a public shelter. This pup survived, but lost a leg and is currently being treated for multiple wounds at the COH. But many do not, this is why spaying and neutering is so important! He will receive the utmost tender loving care his life has sadly lacked so far.By the highly skilled compassionate staff at the hospital. Unfortunately this baby is considered "lucky" as many do not make it out of the notorious public shelters. But we can stop all this suffering at its roots by spaying and neutering!

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