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Spay Campaigns

Spay campaigns are held throughout the year in Romania. The Center of Hope is the base for these events, a specially built hospital outside Bucharest in Pitscea,Ilfov County. Dogs and cats are brought in from the surrounding villages by volunteers and depending on how many animals are being sterilized 2-4 vets and 2-4 vet techs will be carrying out the operations. All vets are specially trained in highly skilled keyhole surgical procedures and one operation can be carried out in minutes. This is due to the organisation and skill of both the vets and vet techs. 50+ animals can be spayed and neutered in one day depending on funding and the amount of animals brought in by the general public or by the Spay Shuttle.

Strays on the streets of romania
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Animal Spay and Neuter International has been a registered charity in the UK since 2014,a not-for-profit charity manned by volunteers. We have held campaigns in several countries including Greece,UK, Bulgaria and The Dominican Republic. Our primary focus since the pandemic has been Romania due to the need being great. Together with our sister charity Romania Animal Rescue we have sterilized over 115,000 animals since 2003.ASNI was bourne out of Romania Animal Rescue. Founder Nancy Janes started ASNI due to the overwhelming stray populations on the streets and fields of Romania. Focusing solely on spaying and neutering all funds go towards the sterilization of the animals. One dog or cat can be spayed/neutered for just £20. This includes all use of facilities at the Center of Hope, medications, anesthesia and recovery. 

Bulgarian Campaign 2018

Bulgaria Spayathon.jpg
Bulgarian Campaign 2018
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